Oldest thoroughfare through Boyle Sligo to Dublin road
Church of Ireland - A history of the street
Street History
Map of Boyle 1836 - scroolable
Boyle Map 1836
Map of Boyle 2011 - Contains Links to other sites
Interactive Map
Pictures of Old Boyle
Old Boyle
Slated(7)Halls Old Pictures off the street

Old Images of Green

INDEX of SITE  Green St Census 1901 Boyle

1901 Green Census

Boyle Census 1901

1901 Boyle Census

Green St - Present Day Pictures off the street

Images of now Green

PEOPLE who LIVED here!


  Census 1911 Green

1911 Green Census (Link to National Archives)

Fair Day Boyle by Christy Wynne
Fair Day Boyle

Christmas 1921
Christmas Boyle rural 1921
AbbeyBridge1817 - Griffith valuation Green/Church St

The Griffith Valuation

Blizzard1947 by Christy Wynne
The Blizzard of 1947
Ghost Story by Maire Paul

A Ghost Story by Maire

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